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Personalized Air Cargo Solutions

Wherever, Whenever

Don’t let your air freight to or from your preferred airport fall prey to a lack of logistics planning or poor customer service. At Pranee International, we understand the strategy and logistics planning that goes into air freight. We have the global network and relationships with many international airlines and logistics service providers to bring you personalized service.
We are an established air freight broker, accredited by premier institutions across the globe. Our quality control measures and prompt, multilingual customer service means your air freight arrives in top condition and order. Like clockwork. For many years, Pranee International has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with complete supply chain management.

Our global network and expertise ensures your freight can be delivered anywhere in the world. Whatever the size or weight, our charter or hand-carry services will deliver on time. With our excellent support team that is available round the clock for you, you are always in control of your delivery, when time is of the essence.

Pile of Boxes

General Cargo

With our large, all-cargo fleet, on-time service record, and extensive know-how and experience in transporting all types of general cargo goods, we offer charter solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. 


Livestock Movement

Pranee International is a trusted animal transportation / charter provider. Well being of an animal is of utmost importance hence their transportation through a Charter Flight is the safest, quickest option.


Fragile & Valuable Freight

We at Pranee International know the importance of secure transportation of valuable, fragile freight. Our team pays all possible attention to ensure that the transit takes place in the safest possible conditions.

Medical Professional

COVID-19 Supplies

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, air cargo has been a vital partner in delivering much-needed medicines, medical equipment (including spare parts/repair components), and in keeping global supply chains functioning for the most time-sensitive materials.


Hazardous Cargo

Our team is capable in transporting cargo under hazardous category of goods. Whether it is for explosives, flammable, toxic, radioactive or even infectious materials, we determine the charter solution that works best for you.


Vaccine Transportation

Air cargo plays a key role in the distribution of vaccines through well-established temperature-sensitive systems, using cutting-edge technology. So if you're looking for a reliable partner for transporting vaccines, reach out to us immediately.

Ground Transportation

Ice Truck

We at Pranee International are not only pioneers in Air Freight Management but because of our strong network with trucking companies, we offer incomparable ground transportation solutions for your freight utilizing all kinds of vehicles, from small splinters to oversized trucks for road transportation. So If you need dedicated ground transport as part of a freight charter project or for the full routing, we are able to organize and oversee the process. 

In the event that the entirety of your shipment's journey cannot be completed via ground transportation alone, don't worry - we have a plan for that too. With the help of our reliable partners, When that plane lands, there will be another team of truckers waiting patiently to get those items into the hands of the people who have been waiting for them post custom clearance.

All throughout this process, you'll have access to a single dedicated agent to meet your every need. This person will take the time to learn as much about both your shipment and your business as possible, all while making sure that you understand all of the options that are available to you and which one fits into your current situation.

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